Pepperl+Fuchs’ popular Tru-Vue series photoelectric sensors are now available with 4-in- 1™ outputs. This enables a single sensor to operate in NPN normally open, NPN normally closed, PNP normally open, or PNP normally closed configurations. 4-in-1 simplifies sensor selection and stocking because one sensor model can now replace four sensor models. Installation is also faster because there are no extra steps needed to choose an output type, as the sensor automatically determines its output without external influence.

Designed specifically for the material handling market, the patented EZ-mount bracket facilitates quick mounting at a fraction of the cost of traditional metal brackets – no screws, nuts, washers, or other extras are required for this mount. Additionally, these compact sensors feature versatile sidemount or snout-mount options to satisfy various application needs, and highly visible 360° LED indicators for status indication in all directions and from poor vantage points.