Materialise NV has released a new part of its Magics e-RP Suite called Magics 11 which speeds up the build set-up process with an automatic planning and process control system. This involves preparing multiple platforms in a single Magics session, enabling production planning on different machines simultaneously; though even with one machine, the Multiplatform feature can simplify production planning by preparing consecutive builds. It frees up memory when dealing with duplicate parts and uses virtual copies of the original, allowing quick and effi cient platform preparation. It also makes automatic machinerelated compensations when exporting a platform.

Magics 11 helps build life-like prototypes with the manipulation of textured models and realise perfect builds via its Wall Thickness Analysis function by quickly identifying problem areas where the walls of a part are too thin or too thick to be built properly.

GIS surfaces can be transformed into easy to handle 3D printed models quickly and high surface quality is assured for SLA parts.