Durr-APT_EcoSupply_PThe EcoSupply P is designed to meet the challenge of increasing colour options in body painting and also small-batch colours, says Dürr. The modular paint supply system, which employs pig technology, is suitable for both water- and solvent-borne paints. Dürr claims pigging systems consume less paint and flushing agent compared with the ring-pipe systems.

The system delivers the paints by sliding cylindrical pigs through hoses to the paint spray booth - with extremely low paint loss. When the paint has been applied, the pigs push the remaining paint back out of the hoses. The company says this leaves almost no residue in the process returning it to the paint tanks and cleaning the hoses.

Dürr also supplies the system’s visualisation function and the control unit that will in future communicate with the existing plant and robot systems.