Fanuc paintshop robotsThe P-50iB and P-250iB robots are designed with features making them suitable for high quality automotive finishes and general industrial use, claims FANUC.

The P-50iB has a very compact design but offers a large working envelope, with 1.4m and 1.8m reach variants.  It offers the option of mounting to a wall or a ceiling, and with a payload of up to 15kgs the P-50iB allows all types of spray gun, applicator and accessories to be used. In common with the P-250iB, the P-50iB has an open J3 arm onto which process control equipment can be mounted.
The larger P-250iB has a 2m reach and will handle a 15kg payload at high speed allowing rapid reorientation for both conventional or Bell applicators, says the company. 
A number of options are available the FANUC paint robots including process valve options for the P-50iB and process speed options for the P-250iB.