Brian Barron has been promoted to Lightning’s executive team to lead the manufacturing, vehicle assembly, and procurement functions as the company scales to meet its growth targets


Brian Barron chief manufacturing officer at Lightning eMotors

Barron has been the vice president of Global Manufacturing at Lightning eMotors since June 2021 and will now serve as a member of company’s executive team reporting to CEO Tim Reeser. He will lead the teams responsible for manufacturing Lightning’s all-electric powertrain, vehicle assembly across five different platform classes, procurement and supply chain, and facilities expansion and automation.

“We have increased our ability to deliver commercial electric vehicles significantly over the past year, but there is a lot of room for us to improve efficiency, scalability, and quality,” said Barron. “By expanding the use of automation tools we have put in place, such as collaborative robots and augmented reality systems for process control, we can deploy higher volumes of vehicles at improved margins without compromising our high-quality standards.”

Prior to joining Lightning, Barron was the director of Global Manufacturing at Lucid, and also spent more than 19 years in a variety of key manufacturing roles at BMW.