Nissan AltimaJapan – Output increased by 5.6% year-on-year to 441,719 units, a record for the month. Production outside Japan rose by 11.5% to 363,854 – another record. However, domestic production fell by 15.3% to 77,865 units.

For the half-year, Nissan’s global production increased by 8.8% to 2,623,219 units. The record output for January to June was composed of increases both at home and abroad: 457,571 units in Japan (+2.5%) and 2,165,648 units outside Japan (+10.3%). Half-year records were achieved in the US, Mexico and the UK.

In the US, production rose by 24.1% to 487,851 units; in Mexico it increased by 17.8% to 412,332 units; and in the UK output was up 7.5% to 274,570 units. Meanwhile, Spain and China saw increases of 19.3% (86,963 units) and 13.3% (601,303 units) respectively. Production in other regions was down 4.4% to 302,629 vehicles.