Nissan LEAFJapan – The vehicle-maker’s global output increased by 6.5% year-on-year to 429,580 units in January, a record for the month. In Japan, the increase of 13.7% to a total of 80,360 units was driven by demand for the new Nissan Serena, X-Trail and Skyline plus the Infiniti Q50.

Outside Japan, production rose by 5.0% to an all-time high of 349,220 units. The largest increase was in the US, up by 38.1% to 77,996 units; in Mexico, the figures were +4.4% and 68,144, mostly due to higher demand for the Nissan Versa Note. Both the US and Mexico made new records for January.

In Europe, the UK saw an increase of 4.3%, representing 44,511 units, mainly due to greater demand for the Nissan Note and the LEAF; in Spain, the 13,026 units produced comprised a 1.8% increase.

Chinese production rose by 12.0% to 92,765 units, largely as a result of demand for the Nissan Teana and the Venucia.

However, Nissan admitted that production “in other regions” decreased by 5.2% to 52,778 units.