Maka has introduced a new range with two 5-axis spindles with a rotary table for loading and unloading while machining. The Maka DC7 has a capacity of 500kg per side including pneumatic or hydraulic clamping, says the company.

It can also be supplied with a 0 point clamping system, and there is a 20-position quick access tool system for each spindle and optional tool breakage protection, it says. The controller is a Siemens 840D.

Four available working X axis table dimensions are 1200, 1600, 2000 or 2400mm with a Y axis of 700mm and a Z of 300mm and rapid traverse of 60/60/60 m/min. The machine can be supplied with water-cooled spindles of 7.5kW or 12kW with 24,000 rpm, says the company.