The fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany, will again serve as the marketplace for modern production engineering. Examples from the entire spectrum of manufacturing technology will be on display, focusing on: machine tools; production systems; high-precision tools; automated material flows; computer technology; and industrial electronics and accessories.

Starting on February 28, international companies will showcase their manufacturing technology at METAV, the first metalworking show of the calendar year. Here, we highlight a range of products that these companies will be showcasing at the event.

The company will be premiering its DZ08 FX machining centre, with two spindles on a small footprint; theoretically delivering double productivity and over 40% in energy savings. The DZ08 FX offers a tool change time of 0.9s. Economical machining of complex workpieces in a single set-up is possible using a two-axis swivel rotary table with a highly-dynamic Chiron torque drive and five simultaneously controlled axes. For automated processing and increased efficiency, the DZ08 FX is available with the fully-integrated Flexcell Uno and Flexcell Duo robot cell.

ILT – Industrie Luftfilter-Technik
ILT will be previewing its new MOBIFIL NT weld smoke filters at the METAV fair. These feature a robust and compact design, with steel and not the more commonplace plastic casings. These are very mobile, with four steering rollers, and they can be used wherever weld smoke is emitted. Particles sized greater than 0.3μm can be removed at up to 99.997 % efficiency.

Horizontal machining and turning centres, as well as vertical machining centres, will represent MAG’s portfolio of turning and milling machinery at METAV. In addition to some exciting five-axis machining and mill-turn demos, MAG will highlight its VDF 450 turning center. The robust platform is enhanced by easy-to-integrate technology features and components, such as driven tools, NC-driven tailstock and steady rest.

The machine, which is ideally suited for medium and large parts, can be integrated into high-volume manufacturing lines delivering shafts and rods of all types. Technologies available include: hard turning; lead free turning; highpressure cooling; MQL and dry machining; and auxiliary hobbing modules.

The newly-developed Optris PI400 completes the company’s family of online infrared cameras. The PI400 and PI450 complement the already established PI160 and PI200 models.

At 56 x 46 x 90mm, this is the smallest camera in its class, weighing only 320g with its lens included. This latest addition to the Berlin-based company’s product portfolio offers excellent thermal sensitivity: 80mK for the Optris PI400 and 40mK for the Optris PI450. Radiometric thermal images and infrared videos can be displayed and recorded at a resolution of 382 x 288 pixels and at a high frame rate of 80 frames per second. Compared to the other IR cameras, this means four times more pixels are available for the same target surface area. Used in combination with the appropriate lens assembly (with a 30° or 13° aperture), the camera permits more detailed measurements and widens the field of applications.

This rugged IP67/NEMA4 thermal imager is ideally suited for use in R&D applications, testing stations or in automatedindustrial processes. With the availability of industrial-grade accessories, such as a cooling housing with mounting flange and a temperature-resistant USB cable, this camera can be used in extremely harsh industrial conditions. A mounting foot, protective enclosure and angled connector are optional items. The camera package comprises the license-free Optris PI Connect software, which returns comprehensive analysis of thermal imagery, logging of data and integration with automated processes. An optional fibre optic USB cable extension measuring 10km is available, while the analogue/ digital process interface (PIF) on the camera and the opensource drivers for software integration via DLL, ComPort and LabVIEW, facilitate links with existing networks and equipment installed by system integrators.

At this year’s METAV, Tornos will launch its MultiSwiss range of machines. These are complete machining solutions which offer innovative technology in combination with an efficient, flexible and user-friendly 14mm multispindle - all at a competitive price. In addition, they come fully equipped with a range of integrated peripheral options. The MutliSwiss includes 14 linear axes, where every position is equipped with motorspindles with full speed and position control. The machine bridges the gap between sliding headstock and multispindle machines, with its six sliding headstock spindles. Further, the machine benefits from a new range of technology. For example, the barrel is locked through a torque motor rather than the classic hirt coupling.