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  • Peter Weber, plant director BMW Munich

    Watch: Preparing BMW’s Plant Munich for a new class of EV manufacturing


    Plant Director Peter Weber demonstrates how BMW is revamping production in Munich ahead of a new EV architecture with a walk through the factory.

  • All systems go - BMW production line runs even amid site rebuild

    BMW plant director Weber says flexibility key in Munich overhaul for EV platform


    An agile approach has enabled BMW to revamp its downtown Munich factory in anticipation of a new EV architecture without halting production lines, Peter Weber tells the AMS Automotive Evolution Summit.

  • Peter Weber, BMW_crop

    Century-old BMW Munich factory transforms to embrace EVs


    Revamp of Plant Munich puts BMW’s flexibility ethos to the test with building construction and car production happening side-by-side

  • togg2-2

    Togg wants to turn electric cars into smart devices


    These days, there is nothing new about a novice automaker dreaming of flooding the world with electric cars. But Turkish startup Togg is different.

  • Scania battery assembly plant

    Automation and managing crisis: How Scania is revolutionising its factory floor


    Scania gave AMS an exclusive insight into its endeavours in digitalisation, automation, and software development on the factory floor.

  • AMS-Modular-production_Post-Thumbnail-600x400

    Watch: Making it modular - vehicle production’s flexible future


    Flexibility in automotive assembly is now a competitive advantage. This AMS livestream features leaders from automation experts Ewellix and Rockwell and AMS discussing innovations in modular production and how to improve assembly lines at brownfield and greenfield factories.

  • ac95119a-2b06-4ea4-beb2-86a9cc7e83d3

    AMS January-March 2022 – Volvo’s mega changemaker


    Javier Varela discusses Volvo Cars’ investment in new technologies, EV platforms and sustainability

  • INEOS Automotive - Hambach General Assembly 2

    Ineos prepares for production


    As Ineos moves towards a second phase of prototypes for production, AMS visited the company’s new automotive manufacturing plant in Hambach, France to see how production of its Grenadier 4x4 is developing.

  • Gina Aquilano

    What wireless battery management systems mean for sustainable EV manufacturing


    As the demand for EVs rises and OEMs rapidly roll out units, battery component manufacturers are looking to develop vital electrification ecosystems. A factor that is increasingly central to the manufacturing of EVs is a battery framework that simplifies the production process for new sustainable models.

  • Javier Varela

    Volvo’s mega changemaker


    Javier Varela, senior vice-president of engineering and operations, is leading Volvo Cars’ industrial transformation, from platform engineering through to vehicle production. He explains key steps in the carmaker’s ramp up in EV and battery output, and how it will achieve ambitious sustainability targets

  • blue_world_fotos_99 2

    A future for fuel cells


    Hydrogen fuel cell technology is not a new development, and the use of these energy sources has, until recently, been in niche applications.  Now, though, fuel cells are beginning to find their way into real automotive use as a means of facilitating the goal of ‘zero emission’ vehicles with supporting investment of significant proportions

  • 294343_Volvo_Cars_mega_casting

    The die is cast for Volvo’s future EV production


    One of the key pillars of Volvo’s investment in electric vehicles will be the application of aluminium megacasting to produce large structural parts. Mikael Fermér, solution architect for vehicle platforms at Volvo Cars, explains the significance of this change for EV production.

  • A160640_large

    The application of AI


    One company where the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is not futuristic or speculative, but a key element in real manufacturing development and application projects is Audi. 

  • Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 14.44.36

    AMS Paintshop 2022 – Paint it Green


    In this edition we get insights into how OEMs are adapting and developing their paintshop operations and processes to meet the need for more efficient and sustainable production, as well as insight into scaling up battery production

  • Kevin Brundish, AMTE, Herminso Villarrago-Gomez, Zeiss, Lars Carlstrom, Italvolt

    Getting giga with it – ramping up battery cell production


    Manufacturers require huge investment and must carefully consider production locations and technology to build batteries at ‘giga scale’, reveal leaders from Italvolt, AMTE Power and Zeiss

  • Slide1_Welcome

    The evolution will be televised: welcome to the online AMS Summit


    The Automotive Manufacturing Evolution Summit is focused on accelerating partnerships across the industry as vehicle production is increasingly electrified, digitalised and sustainable

  • P90386097_highRes_start-of-painting-03

    AI data analytics for the paintshop


    The presence of any airborne dust in a paintshop always presents a challenge to creating a high-quality paint finish. Effective filtration is the most basic way to prevent contamination but for BMW that is not enough.  Mike Farish reports on how the OEM is using artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to develop better preventative measures

  • Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 12.24.19

    AMS Quality Control 2021 – Balancing quantity and quality


    In this edition we get insights into how OEMs and tier suppliers are adapting their respective quality control processes to meet the challenges presented by electric powertrains and vehicles. 

  • Porsche, Leipzig

    A lighter coat: how Porsche and suppliers are reducing waste and errors in paintshop


    Paintshop leaders from Porsche and Sames Kremlin spoke to AMS in an exclusive livestream and interview regarding innovations in technology and new approaches in the automotive painting process.

  • A1812307_large

    Supporting the supply chain


    The shift to production of electric vehicles and the impact of the Covid 19 has caused considerable disruption to automotive supply chains. AMS spoke to Neil Endley, Global Director for Turnaround Services, to get some insights into the challenges facing OEM and tier suppliers in the automotive sector