Wheeled Loading Shovel, JCBUK/India – Following a strategic review which will close the company’s Gatersleben site in Germany, manufacture of all walk-behind models plus VMT160 and VMT260 Tandem Rollers will go to the JCB Attachments factory in Uttoxeter, UK. Production of the 403 Wheeled Loading Shovel will also be returned to the JCB Utility Products factory in Cheadle, where it was made until 2011.
By the end of June 2014, manufacture of all VM Compactors and the larger VMT380 and VMT430 Tandem Rollers will move to Pune, India.
Noting the shift in demand for compaction equipment towards emerging markets, JCB CEO Graeme Macdonald commented that “manufacturing smaller models in the UK and larger equipment in India is in our customers’ best interests, especially in light of our recent investments in new compaction products”.

Vipin Sondhi, managing director and CEO of JCB India, added that demand for larger compaction equipment “is growing at a steady rate in the Greater India region”. He said the company now has the flexibility to produce “global quality machines” in India for local use as well as export.