A single-point lubricant which can be dispensed by the activation of a key by the user, at a constant rate and in a pre-measured quantity, has been introduced by Dearborn Mid-West Company (DMW). According to its maker, the product avoids the costly repairs and downtime associated with manual over- and under-filling. Dispensing can be programmed from 1-12 months; the temperature setting ranges from -4º to +131º F.

Intellilube has a transparent site window and mounts in any position; it can be used indoors, outside and up to 30 feet under water. The lubricant is compatible with all NGLI greases and oils and also allows for client-specific lubricants, says the company. It does not contain any harmful or toxic liquids, acid-filled batteries, motors or gears and the gas-generating cartridge is replaceable.