Honda MarysvilleUS – For the ninth consecutive year, two of the OEM’s Ohio plants – Marysville and East Liberty – have been recognised by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Meanwhile, in Indiana, Honda Greensburg achieved the designation for the third year in a row.

Energy Star signifes that the plants are in the top 25% of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency, meeting strict performance levels set by the EPA. On average, certified plants consume 35% less energy and contribute 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than non-certified facilities.

In 2014, Honda Marysville implemented LED lighting when constructing a 138,000 sq.ft consolidation centre, as well as installing the infrastructure to use hydrogen fuel cells for its tow motors and forklifts. East Liberty also introduced LED lighting, and began replacing its 1,350-ton chillers with more efficient units.

Honda Greensburg has focused on tracking non-core energy use through a real-time energy monitoring program which helps to identify equipment that can be turned off during breaks or production shifts. All departments at the facility now use a website showing performance against energy targets.

"Every Honda facility makes special efforts every day to improve the energy efficiency of our manufacturing operations, as we continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations," said Karen Heyob, who leads Honda's environmental sustainability initiatives in North America. "This culture is only achieved by involving every associate in the process, not just delegating the task to certain specialists. When everyone on the job is considering energy efficiency and how they can help the environment, progress is more quickly achieved."