K300 Hobbing machineEMAG KOEPFER says its K 300 Hobbing machine can handle a wide range of workpieces, ranging from pinion shafts module 1 to helical gears module 4 and will machine a variety of materials from steel alloys and aluminium to brass, bronze and plastics.

The company claims the K 300 is designed with a closed-box design that has headstock and tailstock connected by a yoke and the whole enclosed in a box-frame, to offer a high degree of rigidity and precision during the gear cutting process. The machine features a variety of gear cutting technologies, such as high-performance wet and dry hobbing, the skiving and hard milling of cylindrical gearings, as well as the plunge and tangential hobbing of worm gears.

The construction allows easy access to all relevant machine components, which the company says allows the setter, with the help of quick-clamping systems for main spindle, tailstock and hob, to set up the machine on a brand new part in under 20 minutes.