The company has introduced a new machine which is a double column, gantry-type ACC-208CHiQ and can deliver the accuracy required for motor core dies used in vehicles with hybrid powertrains, or for high precision dies used in die coating equipment, its says. The ACC-208CHiQ, which can operate over 2,000 x 1,000mm, also has a 500 x 100mm wheel driven by a 22kW motor. The unit can also perform shift-plunge grinding cycles. Cycle times are further reduced by combining overhead dressing for rough grinding with table top dressing for part finishing, says the company. The new generation of Okamoto’s gantry-type, double-column surface grinders also offers touch screen iQ control. This combines CNC technology with an improved graphic user interface developed exclusively by Okamoto. It is capable of basic surface grinding, slot grinding, side face grinding and profi le grinding.