J. Schmalz’s SGM magnetic grippers are an ideal supplement for the construction of tailor-made gripper systems for safe handling of sheet-metal parts. The product range, with diameters of 20mm, 47mm and 80mm, has now been extended with a new variant with a diameter of 34mm. The design and technology of this new magnetic gripper have been optimised and are characterised by an extremely narrow shape, a stronger magnetic that provides higher holding forces, and facilities for better integration and installation in small spaces. It can also be ball mounted with a clamping function, which permits better adjustment for gripping different workpieces.

SGM magnetic grippers can be used for safe and reliable handling of all ferromagnetic workpieces. The permanent magnet can be controlled with the aid of compressed air or vacuum pulses, or a combination of the two, which means that the magnetic gripper can be operated either with two pneumatic valves or one compact ejector. No electric power is needed and operation with an ejector consumes very little compressed air. They are ideal for the handling of solid metal sheets, perforated sheets and sheets of metal with apertures and holes or with complex shapes. Magnetic grippers are also used frequently as a supplement to vacuum grippers for even more dynamic handling of sheet-metal parts.