GestampRomania – The Spanish company has bought a majority stake in the operation through its Turkish subsidiary, Beyçelik Gestamp. It plans to increase turnover by manufacturing more added-value components for vehicle-makers.

The plant on the edge of Pitești, an automotive production hub, has a 200-strong workforce and currently makes small and medium-sized stampings and assemblies, mostly for the Renault Nissan Group via its Dacia brand. The operation invoiced €17m ($17.9m) last year.

Gestamp said the acquisition would strengthen its relationships with existing customers Ford and the Renault-Nissan Group, which produce 387,000 Ford and Dacia vehicles per year in Romania. Gestamp has projects with both OEMs in various parts of the world, being the second supplier for the Renault-Nissan Group and the main supplier for Renault.

Francisco Riberas, chairman and CEO of Gestamp, described Romania as “a country with a very promising present and future in the automobile sector”. The new acquisition means that Gestamp now has 98 plants in 21 countries, with a further ten under construction. The company also has 12 R&D centres.