GE Plastics Extem* thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) resins are a new family of amorphous polymers that provide exceptional performance, while eliminating the drawbacks of semi-crystalline materials, imidized thermosets, and competitive amorphous thermoplastics.

They deliver a powerful combination of melt processability and ultra-high thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties.

They meet growing industry demand for easy-to-produce parts that can withstand ever-higher temperatures and harsh chemical environments, and remain stiff and dimensionally stable in extreme temperatures. In addition, GE’s Extem resins are inherently flame-retardant without the use of halogenated additives that can pose an environmental risk.

Among its provisions Extem resins offer: continuous use temperatures up to 230ºC; glass transition temperatures up to 310ºC; high stiffness and creep resistance under load; and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including added resistance to chlorinated solvents over existing melt processable polyimides.

Unlike high-end semi-crystalline polymers that exhibit poor creep resistance and dimensional stability under load at elevated temperatures, Extem resins deliver excellent creep resistance and stiffness under these conditions. Plus they are inherently transparent for greater design versatility.