For improved process reliability in an automated welding, Fronius has released the FPA 2030 AC/DC automated orbital welding system. Featuring an integrated knowledge base and control technology, the system reportedly returns high-quality welds with reduced production times, resulting in lower costs to the end user. The equipment may also be used to perform manual welding operations.

The new FPA 2030 features a fully-digitised microprocessor-controlled system. An intuitive touch screen with process visualisation is incorporated to offer safe control of work processes. The unit is equipped with an active power source manager, coupled with a digital signal processor that reacts in real time to external changes. This is said to give the weld process an unrivalled degree of precision with full repeatability.

FPA 2030 supports all Fronius TIG TransTig/MagicWave 2500 and 3000 digital power sources, allowing the user to control six welding parameters: protective gas shield, welding current, rotational movement of the welding head, wire parameters, AVC (torch distance control) and OSC (torch oscillation). For additional user comfort, the system control can be installed above the power source on the pickup trolley. The front panel protects the control panel and printer when closed and doubles as an anti-glare screen for the touch screen display when open.