EWM claims its forceTig combines all the advantages of the TIG welding process with the benefits of laser or plasma welding. Designed for fully mechanised and automated use, forceTig offers high welding speed and energy density in the weld pool, plus a concentrated, constricted and directionally stable arc for narrow welds, the company says.

The manufacturer claims lower investment and operating costs compared to laser welding at a similar level of performance and says the new TIG process can be used to weld almost all metals, including those with varying material thicknesses or gap widths, making it suitable for joining pipe flange connections. It can also be used for welding with TIG hot wire as well as cold wire.

The company says it offers a complete modular system and customers can choose between three digital power sources. A special torch, cold and hot wire feeders, cooling units, an industrial PC if required, plus a range of accessories for automated applications complete the system.