The key design principle of the "FlexLean" concept is to replace custom-made machines with standardised, modular products using the flexibility of robot-based technology.

Originally developed for the automotive industry, "FlexLean" allows the production of different car models on the same production line and will help manufacturers to improve efficiency whilst reducing overall capital investment.

The product's capabilities don't stop there; their benefits can be extended to many other applications such as solar, transportation, aerospace and wind generation.


This webinar was presented by:

Alan Stapelberg
BIW Product Manager, ABB

Alan Stapelberg was recruited by ABB after graduating in Australia with a bachelor's degree of Engineering (Infomechatronics) with First class honors. He developed quickly within the company before taking a final position as production manager for "BIW Products" in the Robotics headquarters, located in Shanghai. He now heads Product Management for this suite of specialised robotics linear positioners used in automotive assembly lines.