Industrial applications are being targetted by the new series of LED warning lights from Patlite, which uses a 110 flashes per minute strobe beacon light and four operating voltages (12, 24, 48 DC and 90-250 AC). The range has a 90m/s2 (9G) vibration resistance, suitable for forklifts, loaders and similar, says Patlite, and is offered with refractive lens in red, yellow, green, blue and clear.

The company has also introduced a range of LED surface-mount lights, available in blue, red, yellow and clear, each featuring 33 different flash patterns and the ability to operate in a temperature range of -40° to 65°C, it says.

This range is suitable for AGVs, logistics and warehousing applications. Up to four lights can be synchronized to form a larger warning system, says the company.