Handtmann says it has further developed its HBZ Trunnion fi ve-axis horizontal machining centres.

The company says its focus for 2013 is improving productivity through horizontal machining and the arrangement of the axes together with a single piece machine bed and three-point fl oor mounting, offers good rigidity and process reliability.

The main characteristics of the HBZ Trunnion series are the horizontally arranged spindle, the NC-rotaryswivel- table and a rigid machine design. These are combined with a choice of spindles to provide solutions for all requirements and to allow the most economic machining of titanium, steel, aluminium and composite, says Handtmann.

With a range of sizes and various spindle options, the HBZ Trunnion is a suitable for a number of applications in mould and die making, general metal machining, machine construction, energy and power generation, automotive and aerospace.