Seat assembly with Velcro fasteners is more cost-effective than with ring-and-wire or adhesives. The fasteners also reduce scrap and rework, while offering added design flexibility, just some of the reasons hook-and-loop is widely used to secure seat trim covers and, increasingly, for armrests and headrests.

There are many advantages to attaching seat trim covers with Velcro hook and loop fasteners:
• High strength;
• Continuous attachment;
• Smooth, attractive seams and bolsters;
• Cost-effective assembly;
• Less rework;
• Simpler end-of-use recycling;
• Less labour-intensive;
• Easy to accommodate new seat designs;

Velcro's MIGG and HF3 gasketed touch fasteners reduce seat assembly time and cost while increasing productivity. Since they are coverless, they can be inserted in the mould cavity in a single step. The gasket-to-foam seal is excellent and multiple sizes are available.

Other fastening solutions from Velcro include M3G (Mould-in 3rd Generation) and new HR1 touch fasteners, which are described as producing clean, crisp cover alignment. Magnetic attraction in the mould assures consistent positioning, while prominent hooks maximize engagement for life-of-vehicle holding power.