The company is offering its APM electric motors for off-highway vehicles and construction equipment applications, in response to greater demand to minimise emissions and noise from construction sites


Equipmake APM120 e-motor for off-highway vehicle and construction equipment applications

Equipmake says it offers two compact, power dense motors for off-highway applications, the APM 120 and APM 200, which both use its spoke architecture to maximise cooling capability. Both motors can be specified with or without an integrated gearbox and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The company also makes all supporting power control electronics – including its own high-performance inverter which incorporates the latest silicon carbide diode technology to improve power capability and enable the inverter to run at high switching frequencies.

Ian Foley, managing director at Equipmake said: “We are experiencing huge demand from the off-highway industry as manufacturers see the benefits that electrified vehicles can bring, from reduced emissions and noise to increased efficiency and lower running costs.”