The MoU is a first step in assessing the potential for the two international groups to co-operate and work more closely together

UKBIC Fraunhofer FFB MoU

Jeff Pratt, CEO of UKBIC, and Jens Tübke, CEO of Fraunhofer FFB agree on colaboration

Areas of potential mutual co-operation include joint participation in European research and development of consortia and strategically important projects, the development of a European battery technology roadmap, sharing best practice and experience of cell production, and championing of innovation and technology in battery cell production.

Jeff Pratt, UKBIC’s managing director, added: “The MoU sets out our intention for both UKBIC and the Fraunhofer FFB to collaborate more closely together in the future, paving the way for joint pan-European projects to accelerate battery development.”

Jens Tübke, CEO of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB, added: “UKBIC and Fraunhofer FFB have a common goal, namely, to provide innovations for efficient and sustainable battery cell production for European industry. This is our common basis for future collaboration.”

UKBIC was opened last year and the Fraunhofer FFB, which is now under construction, is due to be opened in Münster.