Aston Martin takes another step forward in its electrification plans, with an agreement to develop bespoke high-performance battery cell technology with Britishvolt


Aston Martin says the Memorandum of Understanding between the two companies supports its plans to launch its first battery electric vehicle in 2025. A joint research and development team from Aston Martin and Britishvolt will design, develop, and industrialise battery packs, including bespoke modules and a battery management system. The two organisations will work together to maximise the capability of special cylindrical high-performance cells being developed by Britishvolt.

The OEM’s electrification plans will see it deliver its first plug-in hybrid, the Valhalla in early 2024 and the company plans to have an electrified powertrain option for all its new products by 2026. Aston Martin says its target for its core portfolio is to be fully electrified by 2030. The company notes that its collaboration with Britishvolt is complementary to its strategic technology agreement with Mercedes-Benz AG.