Haas VF2SSYT, ECSUK – The workshop in Northamptonshire has installed a new Haas VF2SSYT three-axis CNC machine, which can rapidly manufacture metallic or plastic parts up to 760mm in length, courtesy of its 12,000rpm spindle, high feed rates and tool change capability. Now fully operational, the unit will complement the company’s existing Semco knee mill, which will be used for second operations.

“The new Haas machine for aluminium and composite manufacture, along with the installation of a second five-axis machine, with the purchase of a  brand-new Sahos Dynamic CNC five-axis this summer, are part of our planned growth strategy,” stated  Andy Collins, director of Express Composite Solutions. “We are committed to investing in plant and premises in order to fulfil existing clients’ growing requirements and to meet increasing demands from new customers.”

ECS was founded two years ago and is best-known in Formula One. The company has recently doubled its workspace and installed new equipment to enable 24/7 operations in composite, aluminium and other materials manufacturing.