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    Computer crashing


    Computer aided engineering is making vehicles safer through the use of more sophisticated simulation models based on reliable data. AMS looks at the rise of the digital dummy. Reducing time and cost Knowledge-based solutions Sophisticated structures Real time restraint Tyre model simulation Limited-slip differentials Bepco Host Cell Robust solution Mahle ...

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    All eyes on design


    Convincing 3D environments for automotive designers are becoming more sophisticated thanks to advances in data modelling technology Virtalis vision Multiple viewing environment Company applications Subtle advance Cave dwelling Speed and accuracy Advanced simulation award Marketing photo-realism As if any more proof were needed of the sophistication with which computer technology ...

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    The Windchill factor in CAD


    OEMs and suppliers are using an increasing range of systems to support their CAD data management and product lifecycle applications. Parametric Technology Corporation has recently enhanced its product offering improved cycle times and product development Bridging the BOM PLM development Global powertrain process Cycle times Faster access Goals for growth ...

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    Putting performance in the picture


    Advances in virtual testing at DaimlerChrysler are allowing it to save time and money in assessing the performance of its vehicles before they are built. AMS looks at how digital tools are enhancing quality control Simulation tools Unforseen circumstances Quality assessment Virtual production Virtual destruction Back in the real world ...