DE-STA-CO, provider of robotic tooling, workholding and flexible industrial automation solutions, has announced the launch of the CAMCO Rite-Link conveyor. Rite-Link’s compact design features narrow links, (30.4mm wide) with 75mm, 115mm, or 150mm pitches. There are five standard centre distances available, or a custom alternative can be provided, assembled and tested for individual customer applications. The system can be used in either over/under or carousel confi gurations.

The energy-effi cient Rite-Link requires no lubrication, meaning it is virtually maintenance free. Built with lightweight components, it runs quietly even at higher operating speeds.

“Rite-Link is the perfect fit for manufacturers that have been looking for a costeffective conveying solution that is more accurate and stable than roller chain,” said Lou Wozniak, Product Manager for DE-STA-CO. “It’s easy to install and integrate into any shop environment, and lends itself to flexible indexing with CAMCO’s precision 115RSD rotary servo drive, or a customer’s standard servo and planetary drive.”