Elcometer says its 456 coating thickness gauge enables users to automatically compare thickness values to a coating’s specification, display trend graphs, and store individual time and date stamped thickness readings into memory. The gauges can transfer data wirelessly to a cell phone, recording the GPS coordinates of where the measurement was taken, it says.

New Ultra/Scan Probes for the 456 unit allows inspectors to drag the probe across a coated surface without damaging the probe or the coating and increase the reading rate of the gauge to 140 readings per minute, says the company.

Each Ultra/Scan probe has been designed to take a ‘snap on’ replaceable end cap, says the company, so that the sliding action required to achieve a scan of a coated surface does not cause any wear to the probe tip.

Using an offset feature, the thickness of the cap is excluded from any coating thickness measurement and, as the cap wears during use, this wear effect is also accounted for, says the company.