UK CV output YTD, SMMTUK – The Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) recorded a drop of 23% in the year-to-date figure, with 37,460 commercial vehicles (CVs) produced. The decrease in June was 25.4%, after only 6,348 units were made.

In June, the biggest change was in production for export, which saw a decrease of 31.8% to 3,294 units; domestic market production declined by 16.9% to 3,054 CVs. Year-to-date, 18,598 units were made for the UK market (-22.6%) and 18,862 for export (-23.5%).

“UK commercial vehicle manufacturing figures continue to be swayed by operational restructuring in 2013 and the pull-forward of demand in the heavy commercial sector,” said Mike Hawes, CEO at the SMMT. “There are signs of optimism, however, with double-digit growth in European commercial vehicle registrations, and the emergence of new products and investments across the sector.”