Bosch BursaTurkey – The company’s existing plant in Bursa will receive an investment of €300m ($408m), plus 500 extra personnel by the end of the year, to manufacture high-pressure injectors for diesel passenger cars in a new production hall. The majority of the components will be delivered to European vehicle-makers.

Steven Young, Bosch’s representative in Turkey, praised the “outstanding quality” of the operations at Bursa and said the decision to expand demonstrated the company’s confidence in the plant.

The 6,000 sq.m of additional space will be used for production of the CR12-20 diesel injector, which can inject fuel at pressures of up to 2,000 bar.

According to Bosch, its Bursa site already supplies injectors for one quarter of all the diesel cars manufactured in Europe. The plant also makes gasoline injection systems and components for drive and control technology.