TelsonicTelsonic UK’s recent collaborative project with China Tools resulted in the company applying its ultrasonic welding technology to assemble the moulded binnacle for the new Nissan Infinity.

The first stage assembly is carried out on a floor-standing machine which incorporates 3 angled, long stroke 20kHz actuators, sequenced and switched using a Telsonic MAG 2036E generator. The machine incorporates sensing to verify that these pre-welds have actually been completed before the automatic machine cycle can be initiated.

The retainer sub-assemblies from this first machine are then presented to a second machine, used to marry the sub-assembly to a plastic moulded binnacle. Three 20kHz long stroke ultrasonic actuators are mounted to each side of a central framework arrangement. This framework is in turn mounted to a rotating table, which can be positioned as required to produce which-ever variant is required at the time. Both machines benefit from simple HMI screens that display the set up and weld input menus for the operator.