KASTOwin amc automatic bandsawThe KASTOwin amc automatic bandsaw has been designed to increase productivity in the additive manufacturing sector, claims Kasto. The company says this saw incorporates a 180° turning device that allows 3D-printed parts on their build platform to be inverted so that the components fall into a container after they have been sawn.

It’s also claimed the upside down sawing prolongs the life of the 5,090 x 27 x 0.9 mm blade, as wear on the teeth is reduced because swarf also falls away under gravity. Cooling is provided by a minimum-quantity lubrication system.

The unit has a footprint of 2,455 x 2,325mm and stands 2,075mm high, has a standard cutting range of 400 x 400mm, although other capacities are available on request, says Kasto. In addition the operation and performance of the saw can be monitored remotely over a secure internet connection by specialists in a service centre at its German factory, says the company.