Avery Dennison’s new automatic tyre labelling range includes tread labelling materials and thermal transfer (TT) vulcanisation labels, its says.

The PP TYRE 55/60 Top White products use polypropylene fi lm to resist migration of low molecular-weight components and carbon black from the tyre surface, stopping the label from curling away. Initial tack is ensured by a high coat-weight TS8000 adhesive, which is supplied in a customerspecific gum pattern to minimise bleeding of the reels. The BG 45 liner is siliconised on the reverse so that the label does not stick to the liner when dispensed, the company says.

The TT vulcanisation products cater to demand for barcode-printed labels which meet tracking and safety needs. The rubberbased adhesive which is used, TS8017, ensures effective printing during TT and offers heat/abrasion resistance. Avery Dennison says its PET 126 White Top HR face stock also offers resistance to vulcanisation heat.