EMAG’s VL series of machines are now available with a Y-axis. This allows for the machining of very complex geometries. For instance, it can carry out eccentric milling and drilling operations without the need for special tools, increasing its range of applications. The VL-Y is a machine without bells and whistles, but technically sophisticated and fully equipped with Y-axis (50 mm travel), chip conveyor, machining area extraction unit, fluid-cooling system for spindle motor and turret, and automation equipment for the loading and unloading of wo2rkpieces.

Every VL is equipped with a re-circulating workpiece storage conveyor on which ‘carrier prisms’ deliver the raw-parts to and collect the fi nish-machined components from the pick-up spindle. As the pick-up station is located behind the machining area, the operator can continue removing finish-machined components from and inserting new, raw parts into the carrier prisms at the front. For asymmetrical components or workpieces that have to be accurately aligned for machining, the prisms can be fi tted with workpiece-specific carriers or with pallets. This system allows for the fully automatic loading and unloading of a multitude of workpieces.