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Simufact offers software solutions that are established in all industries and simulate any kind of forming, welding, joining operations or 3D metal printing processes.

Simulating single processes that are relevant in vehicle body production, such as sheet forming, deep drawing, resistance spot welding or mechanical joining operations, has been carried out for several years.

Now, Simufact is taking the next step into the automotive sector, providing new simulation software solutions for virtual production and assembly.

Virtual manufacturing and assembly with combined software solution

Each vehicle body is designed with narrow dimensional tolerances to meet environmental, lightweight and cost requirements. To ensure this, the dimensional stability of each component part of the assembly is of crucial importance.

The process of producing a general assembly consists of a series of manufacturing and assembly operations. Thus, the dimensions of each component part affect the dimensions of the assembly.

Simulation of manufacturing and assembly operations provide information about the influence of the component design and of manufacturing parameters. These are based on the exact dimensions and properties of any component at each stage of the manufacturing and assembly process.

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Relevant decision-making in quality control is therefore possible based on virtual and physical measurements, which take place simultaneously. The combined software solution delivers an automated flow of data in quality management framework for assembly processes. It consists of physical and virtual measurements in combination with artificial intelligence algorithms from a (big) data base for each manufacturing and assembly environment.

By using modern, practical and dedicated numerical simulation tools the user is now able to set up a fast, affordable and accurate virtual process simulation.

They have the possibility to run numerous tryouts and validation loops at an early development stage, thus at a fraction of the time and cost of physical testing.

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