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Renishaw has worked throughout the global automotive supply chain for over 40 years, applying innovations in process control that ensure consistent, high quality manufacturing output.

The faster pace of automotive product development requires manufacturers to adapt both their design and inspection with speed and flexibility in mind. Renishaw has helped its partners to move their metrology closer to the point of manufacture and reduce inspection blind-spots.

Renishaw’s industrial metrology technologies support CNC machining processes, from routine machine performance testing and calibration to on-machine probing systems for part setup and control of process variation.

The company offers a range of programmable technologies, which can be used before, during and after production, and can be easily repurposed as new models are launched against the backdrop of shorter product lifecycles.

Renishaw’s flexible shopfloor Equator™ gauging system maintains machining accuracy through rapid feedback of actionable data, without impacting machining cycle time.

Renishaw’s CMM sensors provide fast and accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data.

Measurement technologies from Renishaw provide actionable data, helping its partners understand and control sources of variation throughout the manufacturing process.

Rapid part inspection with multisensor capabilities

The efficiency of vehicles and performance of critical components is dependent on precision machined features such as sealing faces. These are rapidly verified using Renishaw’s REVO multisensor platform. REVO utilises 5-axis scanning with contact and non-contact sensors to inspect part dimensions, form and surface finish on a single platform.

On-machine probing for rapid part set-up and reduced cycle times

SupaScan with SPRINT technology has transformed the viability of on-machine probing through its rapid workpiece setup cycles, surface condition measurement and automated in-process monitoring.

A proven track record

Renishaw has a proven track record of driving innovation in automotive manufacturing, which gives its partners the confidence that they can successfully respond to changing production requirements and challenges, while improving overall efficiency and speed to market. For the next generation of vehicles, Renishaw’s metal additive manufacturing provides new levels of design freedom.

Renishaw’s global network covers 36 countries, providing dedicated customer support, applications knowledge and training. Sites close to key automotive manufacturers include Renishaw’s Automotive Centre of Excellence in Detroit and locations in California, Monterrey, Stuttgart, and Nagoya.

Allow Renishaw to be your partner for innovative manufacturing and discover how the integration of Renishaw technology can improve your overall productivity.

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