Turck has extended its portfolio of linear position sensors with a new magnetic field sensor providing a measuring range of up to 200mm. Thanks to Hall Effect chains, the WIM200 sensor in its new Q25 housing provides high linearity and accuracy over the entire measuring range. This feature allows the sensor to be used in applications that demand highly accurate output signals over long measuring ranges, like pneumatically powered pumps, slides, presses or die cutters.

The analogue position sensors can help to effectively implement variable area flow meters or level monitoring devices into process control systems. On suitable pneumatic cylinders, the WIM200 can also be used for position detection.

An additional external magnet allows for even more individual applications.

The new WIM200 consists of up to 50 Hall elements and a microprocessor that processes the input data. The sensor is immune to external magnetic fields of limited intensity because it eliminates interference fields by comparing up to 50 sensor signals. The sensor’s output signal is linear and independent of the magnet’s direction within the cylinder. In this way, the characteristic line can be changed from 0-10 volt to 10-0 volt by simply turning the sensor