Horn adjustable side milling cutterThe milling body on its new side milling cutter features a central sleeve that enables the required groove width to be adjusted on a pre-setter, says Paul Horn.

The company says it offers two body types, the first having a cutting edge diameter of 100mm is equipped with 14 type 406 indexable inserts, which produce seven cuts ranging from 9.6mm to a maximum of 12.9mm wide. Milling depth is up to 20mm. The second body type is equipped with 12 cutting inserts of type 409 and has a cutting edge diameter of 125mm. On this tool, the company says the cutting width with six cuts can be adjusted between 12.9mm and 18.8mm. Maximum milling depth is 32.5mm.

The 406 and 409 type indexable inserts offer double positive axial and radial rake angles and the tangentially screwed cutting insert's trailing chamfer produces a secondary cutting edge.