Henkel has introduced a lightweight version of its Teroson adhesive for direct glazing and assembly work in vehicle construction. Teroson PU 8590 Low Density is signifi cantly lighter than its predecessor at 1.0gm/ml, says the company. For a bus, this equates to a 56kg weight saving from the normal 250kg of adhesive used, a reduction of around 20%, says Henkel.

The adhesive is polyurethane-based so does not require R40 labelling, and is optimized for resistance to UV radiation degradation and the occurrence of black streaks (carbon black run-off) on bus walls, says Henkel.

It is made for windshields and rear or side windows in buses, car, trucks, forklifts and special vehicles, says the company, but can also be used for fi lling gaps in bond wall segments or interior elements.