Learn how Android Industries drove their ROI using Zebra Technologies Material FLOW. Rick Frey discussed how they tackled the age-old issue of "you cannot improve that which you cannot measure".

David Phillips, Director of Sales Engineering for The Americas and APAC at Zebra, presented this case study on how:

  • Zebra Technologies' Material FLOW - Replenishment Solution was able to capture key metrics
  • Android's material replenishment processes were made easy by providing clear, crisp work instructions to the material handling team
  • Android came to the conclusion that FLOW was the solution to meet their objectives.

This was concluded with a dedicated question and answer session with both David and Rick at the end of the webinar.

Rick Frey - Global Production Control/Logistics Manager

Over his career at Android Industries, and Saab Automobile, Rick Frey has successfully implemented an array of PC&L Lean Manufacturing processes and supporting technology, for both internal and external supply chain solution execution.

In his role, Rick leverages his in-depth experience, extensive research, data collection and modelling, and best practice to support material delivery optimisation and cost reduction.

This webinar was presented by:

David Phillips

Director, Sales Engineering The Americas and APAC, Zebra Technologies

Rick Frey

Global Production Control/Logistics Manager, Android Industries