VW Amarok, Aymesa QuitoEcuador – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is supplying partner Fisum with completely knocked down parts for assembly by its affiliate, local contract manufacturer Aymesa. Around 2,000 Amarok Trendline vehicles with two-wheel drive or 4Motion will be made per year, potentially rising to 10,000 depending on demand.

Josef Baumert, member of the board of management with responsibility for Production and Logistics, commented: “For the first time in the history of Volkswagen, vehicles will now be produced in Ecuador… we believe that local series production creates excellent opportunities for our pick-up in this growing market.” He added that the manufacturing operation was “a further, important building block in the internationalisation strategy of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand” and would follow global VW standards.

Marcos Malo, president of Fisum, described the contract with VW as “challenging” but “a clear sign of our quality”.

The Amarok parts are being delivered via locations in Germany and Argentina, which Andreas Spindler, head of International Logistics at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, described as “an example of our very good international integration”.