As you build a giga-scale production plant to meet demand, you need a production strategy that allows you to build for growth from the start. Rockwell Automation`s Battery Project Guideline explains the key steps needed to take to optimise the production of lithium-ion batteries through smart manufacturing.

Lithium-ion batteries are set to become the fuel of the future. With the construction of more than 50 battery gigafactories already taking place on a global scale, demand is growing rapidly for more effective smart manufacturing strategies and scalable machines that improve quality and reduce risk.

Rockwell Automation`s Battery Project Guideline provides an overview of the most comprehensive range of solutions for producing lithium-ion batteries to support smart and scalable production strategy.

In each section, you will find:

  • Details of how you can innovate production
  • Engineering illustrations and links to online resources, where you can reach out to regional experts
  • Use cases that demonstrate what is possible with smart manufacturing

Download this 49-pages insightful whitepaper to learn how to scale your production to meet global demand