White Paper: Castrol – Lifetime Lubrication


From electric bikes to the Mars rover: Mobility up to an advanced component age


New materials and extreme conditions put lubricants to the test. In this white paper, discover how Castrol meets the increasing technological demands — both on the road and in space.

Whether for everyday use, industrial application or in extreme situations: For the longest possible service life, all installed components must run like clockwork.

This is achieved by using lifetime lubricants that continue to work effectively across wide ranging temperature, speed and pressure conditions.

This high degree of reliability, functionality, durability and optimum material compatibility is demonstrated by the special lubricants not only in e-bikes, rolling bearings and innovative brake systems, but also in the Mars Rover and on the International Space Station (ISS).

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Which complex requirements form the basis for the current research and product development portfolio.
  • How lifetime lubrication guarantees efficient lubrication even under extreme conditions.
  • In which application areas high-performance lubricating oils, greases and pastes set new standards.
  • How the Castrol/bp product range can offer you individually tailored solutions.

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