Go Beyond What’s Possible 

A major leap in fiber laser welding technology can significantly improve your productions processes.

If you are searching for manufacturing solutions to overcome current limitations when joining battery cells, battery packs, and interconnections consisting of difficult or dissimilar materials, then there’s no need to look any further. 

The HighLight FL4000CSM-ARM is a newly launched fiber laser from Coherent based on the unique Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM) technology. It opens new horizons for welding the most challenging materials, even those that were difficult or impossible to process before. Now you can advance your welding capabilities for joining high thermal conductivity metals, as well as the thinnest and even dissimilar materials (such as copper and aluminum). Typical applications include thin (some tenths of a mm) substrates, which do not tolerate high total heat input (e.g. foil to tab welding), and mixed materials having significantly different thicknesses and melting points.

The ability to move beyond the limitations of traditional fiber lasers is possible because this laser has a unique dual beam output (center beam surrounded by a ring beam), together with a center beam having exceptionally high brightness. This results in very high laser intensity that minimizes heating of the material outside of the desired region. Together with the pre-heating effect achieved by the ring beam, this significantly improves stability of the melt pool and weld consistency, which is a challenge when welding thin conductive or dissimilar materials.

The Coherent HighLight FL4000CSM-ARM builds on the success of the Coherent HighLight ARM fiber laser series already qualified for automotive applications.

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