Honda North AmericaUS – Two of the OEM’s factories in Ohio achieved Energy Star status for the tenth consecutive year, while Honda Manufacturing of Indiana received the designation for the fourth time in a row. The US Environmental Protection Agency programme rewards those facilities nationwide which perform in the top 25% for energy efficiency, where the average usage and emissions output is around one-third less than similar, non-certified operations.“Every Honda facility considers the energy efficiency of its operations, but especially in our manufacturing plants as these operations can consume so much energy,” said Karen Heyob, leader of the OEM’s sustainability initiatives in North America. “We have found that progress in this area comes when we involve every associate in the process, and not relying on someone with a certain job or responsibility to handle it. When everyone involved considers energy efficiency and how they can help the environment, results improve.”

Honda Marysville, Ohio, has incorporated LED lighting, highly efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plus direct-fired water boilers during the construction of its new, 138,000 sq.ft consolidation centre. The plant also introduced tow motors and forklifts powered by hydrogen fuel cells, reducing emissions.

Honda East Liberty, also in Ohio, installed new LED lighting, replaced a large water heater with a more efficient version and will also have new 1,350-ton chillers in service this year.

At seven years old, the Indiana plant at Greenberg is Honda’s newest plant in the US. It transitioned to LED, high-bay lighting in 2015 and also used the OEM’s green factory assessment tool in the design and construction of a recent expansion, incorporating energy-efficient features wherever possible.