BystronicBystronic says it has introduced a new app that monitors in real time all processes taking place within its laser cutting machines, press brakes and water jet cutting machines. Called ByCockpit, the company claims this software evaluates the collected data and generates status reports, allowing factory output to be optimised.

Using a laptop, smartphone or tablet, ByCockpit generates reports while the machines are producing parts, providing immediate feedback so that action can be taken, if necessary. One report is the ‘sunburst’ view, which displays the status of the factory at a glance. Green bars indicate machines that are currently in operation, while a red bar signifies idle time. A blue bar denotes machines that are connected to an assembly line.

A menu of around 30 windows can be dragged, dropped and rescaled by the user so that the most appropriate modes are displayed to provide the best possible overview of a factory. The windows dynamically adapt to suit the size of the device’s screen.