Quality does not go out of fashion, and the 25th Control Fair, which is being held from 3-6 May, 2011 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, will stand as testament to this. As the global automotive production map continues to grow and new markets boom, carmakers are sometimes forced to work with unskilled labour producing vehicles at an ever increasing rate, which makes quality management more vital than ever.

The Control Fair always has a wealth of new products and services on display, many of which are of particular interest to the automotive production community, each of which can help to maintain quality within the realm of high-precision manufacturing.

After speaking to a range of exhibiting companies, AMS presents the following equipment highlights that visitors can further investigate while at the fair.

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, Hall 3, Booth 3302/3402

The Germany-based metrology leader is presenting a number of innovations at this year’s show. These include the CMM lines PRISMO and ACCURA, O-INSPECT and METROTOM. New products and approaches in the field of gear measurement and surface inspection will also be presented. A special focus will be placed on the entry-level DuraMax product, which is particularly suited to automotive measuring applications.

ColorLite, Hall 1, Booth 1069

ColorLite will be showcasing its sph900 spectrophotometer, a colour-measuring instrument suitable for a wide range of applications. It offers the unique option of having both main geometries, 45°/0° and d/8°, in a single device.

Using a grating spectrometer with high specifications and reproducibility makes the device ideal for customers in industries with high quality demands, such as is required in automotive. Other user-friendly characteristics include a high-resolution, full colour O-LED display, Bluetooth interface and a durable LED light source.


FARO, Hall 3, Booth 3404

FARO provides portable co-ordinate measurement devices and software that permits high-precision 3D measurements. At the Control Fair - and also at the Hanover Fair 2011 - FARO will exhibit its brand new Focus3D, claimed to be the smallest and lightest 3D laser scanner ever produced. With the Focus3D, FARO provides engineers and plant designers an efficient tool for rapid, seamless and precise documentation of the current status of buildings, including production plants.


GOM, Hall 3, Booth 3330

The mobile 3D digitizer ATOS Triple Scan from GOM is equipped with a unique projection unit (the so-called ‘blue light technology’) and a new 3-in-1 sensor technology. The system offers faster scanning rates, and improved resolution and accuracy. ATOS Triple Scan sensors and GOM Inspect Professional parametric softwares are said to set new standards within metrology and quality control. According to GOM, the company’s metrology solutions guarantee faster time-to-market, higher product quality and reduced costs.


Hexagon Metrology, Hall 5, Booth 5302

Hexagon Metrology offers a range of systems for carmakers. At the Control Fair, visitors to the company’s stand will be invited to experience what metrology can do for their quality assurance. Capabilities include inspecting multiple bodies-in-white in one setup using laser tracker systems, prototype part inspection or die build and tryout validation with white light scanner systems, checking fit-and-finish tolerances in a car’s interior with portable measuring arms, through to entirely automated gantry and horizontal arm co-ordinate measurement machines (CMMs) installations.


Marposs, Hall 3, Booth 3202

I-Wave is an interface handle that, using Bluetooth technology, allows mechanical gauges to be interfaced wirelessly to various electronic displays. Using the robust Star-Lock system, any mechanical gauge head with M10, M6 or M3.5 thread can be quickly mounted by means of an adapter. By simply pressing the button on top of the handle, the measured value is displayed in real time.


Nikon Metrology, Hall 7, Booth 7412

At the 2011 Control Fair, Nikon Metrology will demonstrate the HN-6060, a new non-contact, multi-sensor 3D inspection system said to improve the quality and performance of production processes. With its advanced laser scanner, 5-axis synchronized hardware control and ultra-stiff design, combined with powerful software, the HN-6060 offers fast, ultra-precise inspection of complex shapes, including gear teeth and appliance housings.